Friday, 8 February 2019

The Praise of God.

"Father I give Thee thanks" was the song of Christ's soul and He wishes to hear it echoed in mine- St Elizabeth of the Trinity

Giving glory to God for all things, is the essence of the Christian life.  So with that in mind, I decided to trawl the internet looking for the Praise of God in the singing of the Psalms.  I decided to look for Psalm 135 (136) Confitemini Domino, because it is my current "go to" Psalm.

This is what I found, notwthstanding my poor linguistic skills, I hope they are all the correct psalm:

Starting with the Scottish Psalter:
And a wonderfully hearty and rowdy Presbyterian version of the same with some excellent singing from the under 3s:

Staying in the British Isles, choral evensong:

Now some Dutch Protestants singing Vaughan Williams:

French Catholics singing the Gelineau version:

A Slavic Taize version:

If you want some good ol' Psalmody, I suggest you tune into the monastery at  Le Barroux on a Wednesday evening for Vespers.

Here is a Romanian version:

Here is a different one from Romania:

And a Serbian version of the same chant:

And a Syrian Orthodox version of the same:

And an Ethopian? / Arabic version of the same:

Praise the Lord, for he is good, for his mercy endureth forever.

Who made the heavens in understanding, for his mercy endureth foever.

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