Friday, 30 November 2018

Playing the Victim

There is a narrative which to my mind is totally corrupt and likely to lead to the very destruction of civilisation and culture. It is the narrative of victimhood. We are meant to have sympathy with victims, we lable those who have turned others into victims "opressors".  We have a black and white narrative of goodies and baddies.  We are suposed to go on marches and fight for the rights of the victims.   We are meant to legislate to preven further  victimisation.  Everything gets labelled as either opressed or opressor and it all escallates out of control. The narrative needs characters for it to survive, endless new causes and new enemies are constantly being devised. It is wrong. But lets all meet in the main square and hold hands and light a few candles for the victims and them go home, feeling better that we have done someting.

If someone is helpless, help them.  If they are hungry, feed them.  If they are naked, clothe them. If they need shelter, house them.  If they are sick, nurse them. Such souls are poor.  Being truly poor means you are not able to provide for  yourself and you are reliant on the  help of others.  Such souls are not victims.  They are simply poor.  Love them.

But we live in absurd times where you can be a "victim of old age" or a  "victim of traditional notions of gender and identity". The true nature of what a victim is has been lost.  The victim was the animal for sacrifice.  There is some higher good in such victimhood for over which the victim has no control.  It is the very goodness and purity of the victim than makes eveything so solemn.

Environmentalists play out the Earth as victim too.  The Earth is seen as a victim of man's aggression and dominance. It is an insidious narrative and it lies at the heart of much of what is done in the name of humanitarian work.

As an example, here is what the UN is feeding Serbia in its attempts to "civilise" the nation.
It all looks fairly harmless and it is possible to have a lot of sympathy for the aims of the UN programme. However "sympathy" is exactly the response we should not have.  We cannot afford to have a response that puts emotions at the forefront.  As with all things UN, this is about building up charters of rights and calling them universal. Many of these rights are senseless. The whole program is in direct conflict with Natural Law, and we must wake up to the fact that it is.

The whole of western civilisation is founded on Natural Law and it is being triumphantly dismantled by the purveyors of victimhood.  In Bulgaria this week there was a march for womens' rights.  The march was to remember the dreadful number of women who have been killed or injured by their spouses.  The march was condemned, rightly so, by the Orthodox Church.  But this makes the Church look like baddies. The arguments against the victim culture cannot be heard. The very real help that needs to be offered to those who are affected by domestic violence (and I include the aggressors here too) can not even begin to start.

There are many NGOs working here in Eastern Europe to promote these causes and build up sympathy for these "victims".  Here are some of the information boards in Belgrade of a German NGO working in Serbia.  Sorry for the quality,  I forgot my camera on my last trip and had to use the camera on my low tech Nokia dumbphone. Women's rights soon becomes cheap and safe access to abortions.  Sexual rights completely deny the fact our natural state is celibate; it is marriage that is the choice. The environmental goals are based on appallingly low levels of scientific knowledge and literacy.

Many years back in the UK in a memorable sermon, a now retired Archbishop said: the story of the Good Samaritan is not told us to campaign for better street lighting on the road to Jericho or for stiffer penalties for muggers or even to say that society and its priests are corrupt because they do not help victims, the story is not one of social justice, it is one of disinterested love in action. 

We have a fight on and I'm not sure we know how to proceed, our own beloved Church is completely awash with the culture of victimhood.

Here is some music whilst you ponder.  Headbang and practice your throat singing with  Mongolia's The HU, no sign of victimhood here.  Love it.

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