Saturday, 6 October 2018

Sturm und Drang

As individuals, I think a lot of us are feeling like some remnants from the Sturm und Drang movement that kicked off against the Enlightenment in the late 18th Century.  There is a raw emotion in us that goes beyond any call to virtue or heroism, it is an anti-heroic fatalism that screams at the world from the position of our own weakness and frailty.

That old rusting halberd of the British folk scene, Richard Thompson capture this brilliantly in one of his recent songs "The Storm Wont Come".  There is a longing for a storm that will destroy all that is fake, but the storm doesn't come so you go out looking for a storm to stand in, but it isn't the same and is unsatisfying, so you make a storm of your own, but that is weak and pathetic.  The only solution is a storm that comes to you, but it never comes.

It feels very real, it feels very human.  It needs to be lived prayerfully, no matter how painful it is.  Strum und Drang kicked off against the Enlightenment but really became part of it.  If we kick off we too will get sucked into that which we despise, but it doesn't stop the tension from being near unbearable at times.

I offer no solutions though we have faith and through that we know are not individuals each locked in our cells of pain, powerless to support each other, devoid of hope, devoid of love in action. Communion is real.

One gem of comfort came recently when I heard a senior cleric who, whilst acknowledging we should be grateful that we have no shortage of priests here, said "the strength of the church is not in the number of priests, a strong church is a church that tells the truth". Communion is real.

And if you want to know some of what we feel like kicking against, look at the money and slick delivery in this campaign against Romania's referendum this weekend.  It is encouraging people to stay at home and not vote to make marriage solely between a man and a woman in the Romanian constitution.  Its barely concealed anti-religious sentiment is horrible as is its emotional appeal.  Do watch, you don't need any Romanian to get the message that tradition is bad.  It is funny that nobody has complained that the money for this campaign could have been better spent on hospitals and schools........and there is enough money in this for it to be the add I see before I watch stuff on YouTube.

Romania is being manipulated. but then so is all the Western world.... I think a storm will come.

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