Sunday, 8 July 2018

Thoroughly modern

What follows is a real life example of the educated Catholic laity. I wonder if Bl JH Newman would approve?

Here is a link to a highly educated and thoughtful piece arguing for Equal Marriage from the Catholic and Conservative MP for Tonbridge and Malling, Thomas Tugendhat. I suggest you read it.  It is well argued, caring, considerate and thoroughly modern.  The MP is quite able to separate the views of the Church to which he belongs from what he sees as the apparent need to vote for Equal Marriage back in 2014. It takes a modern mind to be able to do this.

The Catholic Bishops of England and Wales obviously think he's kosher, they gave him £5,330 of our money, as declared in April of 2018, and available to read on this site. But the Catholic Bishops of England and Wales are also thoroughly modern.

I am not writing to criticise the MP for Tonbridge and Malling and I am not about to have a hissy fit about the Catholic Bishops of England and Wales.  This post is about modernism and how it is slowly destroying the Church because it is slowly destroying good souls within the Church.  The enemy is Modernism, the enemy is an idea and it is more damaging than any Pogrom.

If you are a Modernist and a Catholic you keep God in your parlour.  The parlour is that nice room where you invite the priest for tea and where the piano lives and where the children's toys don't. Most of the time you are not in the parlour, it is an occasional room and as such always manages to be reassuringly tidy, comfortingly homely and thoroughly traditional. The mess of the world needs something else.... but definitely not God.

The rest of the world needs care and compassion and respect for people whose views are different from our own.  It needs legislation to protect minority interests and self-styled minority identities.  The world needs humanism (based on Christian ideals of course but not essentially Christian), it does not need God.... well so say the Modernists.  One wonders why  bother with having faith at all except for one's own sense of well being, belonging, self-styled identity and tradition. The modernist Christian simply needs his parlour. It has a door on it which sometimes he can shut.

If you are not modern, your logic is somewhat different.
God pervades everything. His mystery is life itself.  It is beautiful. I cannot ever deny God either to myself or to others.  God is not a set of rules and regulations, He is Love and He is unchanging.  I cannot reimagine God so that He fits the age in which I live.  His Law, His Truth, Christ is Eternal. As an un-Modern, I must translate the Eternal into language and actions that can be currently understood and do this everywhere and in all that I do. Doing this is the direct oppsite to reimagining His Truth for the needs of the modern world and modern man.


I have a good friend out here who is a self-styled homosexual (you know I don't style anyone as homo or heterosexual myself), that is his definition of himself.  We rarely discuss religion, unless he asks, (he does't have the necessary vocabulary), though he knows my stance and knows I am a world away from supporting his lifestyle or beliefs.  He has a tremendous sense of justice and compassion, I saw him carefully and patiently helping a particularly ripe and dirty homeless man carry his worldly belongings and giving him some cigarettes..... nobody could deny the goodness of his act, he simply relates with the outcast and does not want them to feel outcast.....  I feel he is open to the Truth and deep down, he knows the Truth. If I leave God in the parlour and agree with my friend that gay marriage is OK for him but not OK according to God and the Church, am I doing God's work or the Devil's?


Oh, and before you ask, from what I've seen Orthodoxy is not faring much better than Catholicism, there are modernists getting accepted into Orthodox thinking too..... it won't take too long bring it down, the ecumenical movement will see to that.

There is a war on, prepare for your call up, prepare for battle.

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