Friday, 16 February 2018

not so dog days

Happy Chinese Year of the Dog!

The Rooster year has passed and we roosters remain trustworthy, loyal, brave, frighteningly honest and smugly well dressed (but nothing fashionable or costly you understand)..  The terrifying thing is the next Rooster year is my big year, the Chinese Zodiac will have gone full circle and I will be 60.

My grandmother always refused to show me the Chinese horoscope she got done for me when I was born.  However I can guess it wasn't great, I am a rooster born in the late afternoon, and this is not a great time for roosters.  She would always say that as I was an induced baby, the horoscope didn't mean much.  By that I think she meant I was thrust into a horoscope of some ill. Her own horoscope turned out to be extremely accurate so she treated them with respect. People say to me"you've had it rough", suggesting that life has been somewhat unfair on me.  But as I know nothing else I cannot comment and I remain singularly grateful for God's unstinting love and mercy.

So what does a rooster do in Bucharest for Chinese New Year in the run up to Postul Mare?  Not a lot.  I had a celebratory trip to the supermarket to buy some toothpaste, and the only eventful thing was seeing someone who was better dressed than me... Roosters notice these things ... not that we get jealous or anything.... indeed I just looked admiringly at her, she smiled back and I just hope that my 60 year old self is able to look as elegant as her.

Despite moments of craving "freedom" from the workplace and my desire for a quiet life and "40 acres and a mule", I am content.  I made a lot of roosterish noises this last  year.  I have said things frankly and openly; both personal and less personal and there are no regrets. It goes beyond the words used. We roosters love too well and too deeply to ever believe we could be wrong in the judgements of the heart.  My heart brought me to Bucharest and my heart is happy here, because as the wayside pulpit on the A420 back home used to say: only Jesus mends a broken heart.

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