Tuesday, 31 October 2017


F.W. Faber C.O, that is.....  and here are a few timely words from him. To me they speak of the Reformation and our dealings with Protestantism , they were published in 1856.

The forgetfulness that we are creatures... is an error which is less obviously hateful than a direct forgetfulness of God, and consequently it wins its way into holy places where the other would find no admittance.

.. When a Catholic enters into intimate dealings with Protestants, he must not forget to place his sentries, and act as if he was in an enemy's country; and this is unkindly work, and as miserable as it is unkindly. Yet so it is.  When newspapers tell us that Catholicism is always more reasonable and less superstitious when it is in the immediate presence of Protestantism, they indicate something which they have observed, namely a change.  Now if our religion be changed by Protestantism, we can have little difficulty in deciding whether it has changed for better or worse ......

Sadly (tragically) I think today many Catholics would say Catholicism is changed for the better.  What do I care?  Here I am serving and praising God, protected by the fiery wings of the Cherubim and Seraphim in an Orthodox land. And I don't deserve this blessing one bit. It is just that in peering out towards all thing Roman from this wonderful country and its people, the repugnance of celebrating the Reformation is magnified so as to appear a grotesque spectacle of self-congratulatory faux humility and faux Charity.


Dear Fr Faber, I wonder if I will ever be back in London to leave more roses on your memorial stone in the Brompton Oratory.  I have so much to thank you for.  You are at least in part responsible for my being out here.... and it is only out here that I have felt that I am living the Faith, or to be more precise, that I feel alive. I am away from that "miserable", "unkindly" and utterly exhuasting work and battles for the Truth that back in Blighty, took the place of simple faith in the living God. 

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