Saturday, 16 September 2017

What I have been doing this week

  • I have had my first kiss on the hand from an elderly Romanian gentleman, it is a traditional greeting and it is wonderful, those old boys have class.
  • I have kissed crosses and icons and a Bishop's ring: apparently quite normal Catholic behaviour out here.
  • Sung Vexilla Regis, even if the only listener was a rather bemused dog from the upstairs flat, I will not let Sept 14th pass without singing it.
  • Been the butt of the odd joke as the paranoid English woman who always turns up early, there is no concept of being early, everyone is simply on time.
  • Wondering when autumn will kick in.  It is still extremely summery here, but the shadows are lengthening and the lower light is penetrating the woods near where I work quite beautifully.
  • Having my annual bout of plantar fasciitis
  • Working hard and for the most part enjoying it.
  • Engaged in the following conversation on several occasions "Why come here out of choice? It is mess and nothing works", "I have left a country in a mess where nothing works."
  • Enjoying the complete lack of fuss at classical concerts.  No programmes in sight and half-time refreshments means queueing for water from a vending machine. The quality of the music is fantastic.
  • Preparing for a visit from my parents next weekend.
  • Found out that I am older than Jacob Rees-Mogg.

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