Sunday, 27 August 2017

More thoughts on the Liturgy...

Today, I have experienced my first Greek-Catholic Liturgy that left me ashamed to be Roman.  Today's Liturgy had a distinctly postconciliar feel to it. I don't wish to go into details; place and people would be identifiable if I wrote in too much detail and that is not my intention.

The Liturgy had been "popularised"; by which I mean aligned more towards the people than anything I had seen amongst the Greek-Catholic ex-pats in London's East End or in other Greek-Catholic Liturgies I have attended.  And, unlike those others I have attended, the congregation was nearly entirely aged and female, is there a correlation here? There were some men, but the majority of them were stood by the door, half-in, half-out, waiting for it to finish. The Liturgy was dragged down to earth time and time again rather than soaring heavenward in humility and pain of separation. It certainly seemed to me that it was a postconcilair "romanisation" that was achieving this terrible effect. It was similar to attending a "dialogue Mass". I had been warned that I may experience this. It was good to be there. It was good to experience it for myself.

And yet, I am not cross, unhappy or dismayed. How can you be cross with the state of things as they are? How can you be cross when all is done with such sincerity and reverence?  I simply feel shame for being a Roman Catholic.  We suck.

I love this country and I have never felt closer to God. I think it is best to live this shame rather than ignore it and then perhaps in my shame, something truly beautiful may be revealed.


Ttony said...

Many thanks once again. Keep 'em coming.

Rita said...

Cu plăcere!