Thursday, 6 July 2017

End of an era

I had all sorts of plans to write one of my deeper and more "brainy" posts this evening, but I'm tired and sweaty and my thoughts can wait. Ordinary life is too full-on for philosophical musings.

This time next week, my few remaining things will have been packed into the back of a foreign registered van and I'll have started my fortnight of "sofa surfing" before my departure from these shores.

Today I've had my last day at my current place of work.  I've spent most of this week binning 9 years of paper based resources and doing my best to ensure my successor does not have to be reminded of my presence. The plastic wallets have been kept, my work has been shredded. I couldn't help asking myself which had more worth; the wallets or the work that went in them.

I do have a fondness for the place I have left and there were some glassy-eyed farewell hugs with colleagues and pupils, but there was no looking back, nothing to think lingering thoughts over. It is simply right to be leaving and right to be taking the path I am embarking on.  Just don't ask me to explain it because I can't.

What has been brought home to me is how we never do what we think we are doing.  A girl wrote this in a card to me:

The best science lesson I have ever had was when our teacher told us to make posters on the rainforests and that teacher was you.

I have no recollection of doing that and indeed it sounds like the sort of lesson I'd do in desperation when I was too ill to stand up and "teach".  The note made me smile as it wasn't my Physics but my Biology that had left an impression.

And this is the way of things: never quite knowing what we are doing but doing everything with attentiveness, sincerity, openness, honesty and a smile where possible. That card is a reminder to continue to dwell in ignorance about the effect I have on others... it is always dangerous to start believing in yourself or your abilities, you might cease to do the things that actually matter.


Deo volente said...


I've followed your blog over the years. I know you've made a hard decision to leave and move elsewhere. I wish you all the very best! May the good Lord always hold you in the palm of His hand!

Pax tecum!

Rita said...

Thank you for your kindness. If I think about it, it doesn't make sense to move somewhere where there is no EF. But it is most certainly the strength I have received through immersion in the Vetus Ordo and the Tradition of the Church that has led me to make the move. Funny old world. And I have just been given a 1948 Altar Missal which will go East with me..... who knows what may transpire ......

Prayers for you and yours

Robert said...

Ah, the effect we have on others. I have no doubt I have an effect of others. I can't escape the certainty that all too often, it has not been a good effect. This above all other considerations make me concerned about my salvation. It is often not possible to correct or make reparation, so I can only be sorry and pray for others.

But it is nice to, now and then, as in this case, receive some little indication of having done some good!

God bless you.