Saturday, 21 January 2017

What is it all about?

This Women's March thing is depressing.  I look at the pictures on the BBC website and my heart sinks.   I can't find anything funny or erudite to say.  The following words are in my head and it hardly seems worth putting them into a paragraph, I'll leave you to do that: middle class vacuous meaningless happy shiny rights people nonsense  life get a.

At the educational establishment where my employment days are numbered, some pupils were talking about going on the march and how they hated Trump because he was anti women's rights.  I asked them to explain (a) what women's rights are and (b) what hating Trump means.  Their efforts on both fronts were poor.  I put the suggestion to them that Trump was actually the democratically elected president of another country, and that if we believed in freedom and democracy we must accept the decision of the American people.  I suggested that demonstrating against his election was an undemocratic, unsound and irrational thing to do.  I also asked them if those women that don't agree with the women's rights issues would be welcome on such a march, would they be allowed a voice?

They looked at me like I was an alien.

Should I have said anything?  Teachers don't just deliver their subjects.  Some comments made by pupils can't go unchallenged and in some bizarre way I think in that little exchange I may have been standing up for British Values (so called).

A parent is currently trying to get me to allow her precious to use a dictaphone in my lessons to help her with her learning needs. She wants to record everything I say. I will not agree to this.  I don't see how it will help.  Her struggles are with the diagrams and the mathematics not with what I am saying.  I don't want her mother pouring over my every word, out of context and with too much time on her hands and looking for anything that may 'blame the teacher' for the fact her child is actually not that bright and will find my subject a challenge no matter who is teaching it. Also, if she heard my little exchange regarding Trump (I think she would be supportive of the march), would I find myself on perched the chaise longue of doom outside the Head's office waiting for a severe reprimand?

 It is definitely time to go.....

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