Wednesday, 26 October 2016

life in Sleepy Hollow

My enforced absence from the interwebs here in Sleepy Hollow, deepest Wessex, came to an end last Thursday.  The only real casualty being Ollie Bear who has lost his Blogger Account and is livid.  I have a new internet service provider, a much reduced monthly direct debit and should I require assistance, I am put through to some cheery souls in Northern Ireland who seem to know what they are talking about.  Our conversations have had a background noise of police sirens and I've found this strangely reassuring.

Whilst I was without, life was frustrating.  I'd have to go into work at weekends to use my computer there just to do the day to day things of keeping in touch with distant friends, preparing teaching materials, banking, property management AND chatting on-line with the ever so polite young ladies in India that BT employ to keep their customers at a distance and in the dark.  Work is 25 miles away. This was all extremely irritating.

So what happens when I am reconnected?  Is life suddenly richer, more productive and enjoyable? Hmm, I just seem to be wasting hours in the evenings with music videos on You Tube!

Well it beats thinking about the state of the Church.  It beats trawling round the Catholic blogs and the apocalyptic tone a lot of them are taking.  We've been living in the End Times for 2000 years GET OVER IT!  Get on with loving God and neighbour, delight in the creatures that are in your care (and every person you meet is in your care to some extent, that is the responsibility we have as Catholics).

Back to the videos, I am on holiday, afterall.
Song of the moment to be found here Take it away, dear Ofra (R.I.P)

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