Saturday, 20 February 2016


With a nod to popuar culture and the Big Bang Theory's coupling of

Sheldon + Amy = Shamy

How about

Trump + Pope = Trope


Troublesome Questions + Pope = Trope

A trope being a figure of speech where meaning goes from literal to non-literal.  Tropes cannot be taken literally and ought not be analysed too severely.  They do not form part of theological, scientific or philosophical discourse, they are used for emphasis, they are very human..... tropes are about feelings and passion. That the Holy Father's tropes are elongated and last for several paragraphs is fine, that is how he speaks, that is how he loves God. Never decry a man for truly loving God, or his means of doing so. Tropes do not stand up to having meanings nailed to them by the ever helpful Lombardi. Spend more time with Sacred Scripture, spend more time with the Divine Office than with the words of any one man..... find God there and listen to Him first.

And there is always

Flight + Pope = Plight

which can be defined as an unfortunate situation.


la mamma said...

Did actually laugh out loud, thank you, Rita!

Was going to visit your site to thank you for your thorns, too.

God bless you

La Mamma x

Joe said...

"Tropes do not stand up to having meanings nailed to them by the ever helpful Lombardi." .... or, indeed, having meanings nailed to them by some in those most helpful (not)regions of the Catholic aether occupied by ardent defenders of the faith?

Your observation is most helpful.

Loved Sheldon + Amy = ....