Tuesday, 14 July 2015

The Oldest Profession

The oldest profession is being a Taxonomist. It is what Adam was doing in the Garden.  Naming things isn't just some random game. Naming puts significance into something, it in some ways makes it more real.  It insists on a hierarchy, as it will relate one named creature to another in relation to how they behave with each other. Naming gives us patronage but not control.  To name something isn't to seek mastery of it, the creature retains its freedom but it gains an identity and a protection it wouldn't have otherwise had.

And God has given us each a name from the very beginning; the "white stone name" we all long to hear Him call personally and intimately to each and every one of us.

When we name things it ought to be with this in mind.  It ought to be in imitation of the Divine Life.

And so human "progress" spirals ever onwards and inwards, in ever tighter and more self-referential circles. We have names for thing, and either the thing itself or its name has no clear significance, no clear definition and the names have some bastardised entomology.  Take the word "paedophile" for example; what it should mean if we consider its entomology and what it stands for are complete opposites.  There is something ugly about this.  Something which suggests only the unguided human at work in the naming of the "thing". The human who has forgotten God. The human has created the paedophile through naming it.  God will have another name for him and will still call him His child until such time as he totally rejects His Divine love and mercy.

And to forget God is to make oneself easy prey to the Devil.  In our desire to name things without reference to God, do we not fall prey to the Devil's own Taxonomy?  A Taxonomy which mocks everything Adam was doing in the Garden.  A classification system which confuses, divides and creates false relationships.  The "science" of politics falls into this category.  The "science" of "sexuality" falls into this category. The "science" of education also sadly falls into this category.  Each of these "sciences" has its own empirical, evidence-based system of measurement and "pigeonholing".  But each of these "sciences" isn't a science, it is a fashion, and the "fashionistas" make damn sure that in excluding their "definitions of the day", you exclude yourself from society, you become part of the untermensch....

And it is happening already that many are having to make great sacrifices to stand apart from this mockery of all that is good.  To say "I do not recognise your definition of marriage",  "I do not recognise the categories "homosexual", "heterosexual" or "bisexual", "I only recognise love and sin", even to say "the child is not thick, passing exams is not a measure of intelligence", to say these things makes us children of God and enemies of the world and there are consequences to this.....

Science ought to open our eyes and make God more apparent.  Many theologians argue about what Adam was doing when Eve was tempted by the serpent; whether he was with her and ought to have protected her, or whether he'd gone off chasing butterflies or something.  Recalling the Adam was older than Eve, that his science was more developed, perhaps he simply didn't recognise the serpent.  His science (and his innocence) meant he couldn't engage with its perfidy, he couldn't classify it, he didn't see it coming, the creature in the tree was not on his radar, he had no sense of danger.  Eve had no sense of danger either, but she engaged in its conversation, she could see it.  Perhaps in many ways the medieval images of a  human female-like serpent are correct, Eve recognised something Adam could not see (he had his life partner, before any procreation had taken place, why should he even recognise another human female), in the same way Eve would not have recognised a male figure that wasn't her husband.... but there was the Devil, pretending to be something he wasn't, distorting the human image, distorting our notions of self, blurring the lines, confusing us......

We ought to be very careful about what we recognise and categorise and what we name.

Eve tempted by the "female" serpent from Notre Dame Cathedral

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