Monday, 20 April 2015

6th Sunday of Easter 2048

Because of the state sanctioned media blackout for the Catholic Church due their failure to promote homosexual marriage, it is proving impossible to get some idea of the liturgical life of faithful Catholics in 2048.  The State in its wisdom has set up its own version of the Catholic Church called the New Catholic Church.  As they never seem to say the Mass, I don't suppose we should worry too much about them.

This is how the 6th Sunday After Easter looks in the Diocese of Media City for the New Catholics.  I think the colours refer to lapel ribbons, but I will have to investigate further. Note the reinstatement of the Ascension on its correct day.

10 Sunday (white) Family Feast Day sponsored by Burger McTuckys
11 Monday (blue) Blue Whale Awareness day (optional)
12 Tuesday feria
13 Wednesday (rainbow) Elton and David day (first class)
14 Thursday (white)  ASCENSION -special Churches Together event at Media City Cathedral.  "WORSHIP LIKE its 1870" with the Old Catholics
15 Friday feria
16 Saturday (team colour) FA Cup semi final (semi-double)

Does anything grab your fancy at the Paris Centre at St Pelagius, Whitefield?

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Are we ready to be merciful?

Do we really understand the cost of the "balm of mercy"?

Those receiving mercy (and we all do), do not like to consider the cost of this balm.  Some are even totally unaware it has been applied.  Most of the rest of us are keenly aware that we do not deserve such grace and kindness, yet even we canot count the cost fully. After all, we've not paid for it.  It is as if our healing process involves a certain forgetfulness of the depth of the agony from which we have been rescued from.

It is only possible to count the cost of mercy if you yourself are merciful.  And if you are truly merciful be prepared to have your heart pierced by swords, your skin lacerated by malicious men, your body weakened by the toil of love and your intellect pummelled and derided... and be prepared to weep.

And if the "balm of mercy" has been applied, then isn't this the least we can do in return?