Friday, 20 February 2015

Random Numbers

To me, one of the dangers of Lent is self-absorption.  If one focusses too much on one's own sin, wretchedness and general crapitude one can easily fog the presence of the Almighty who is doing His best to raise you from you that dunghill that is so uniquely yours.  So whilst some focus on our failings is vital, if the primary focus isn't on those two Great Commandments, then Lent will be another disappointment.

What I find helps is to be extra specially open to randomness at this time.  This involves the giving of self and a great deal of discernment (ie. talking to God) to work out just how much one should give and how.  Random acts of kindness.  Random smiles (until they become habitual and completely sincere)....random intensive listening, feeling the presence of complete strangers around you, allowing random discomfort (thirst in particular), stopping to listen to the geese, watching a random spider, being still at random times.... and then it starts to dawn that randomness isn't all that random, it certainly isn't chaos.......

And as for Lenten reading. This year I decided to opt for a random number generator method: there are 73 books of the Bible, so I typed in the upper and lower limits into this random number generator to see which book it would give me:

And 2Esdras here I come.  Actually it is already bearing fruit (somewhat unexpectedly).  And this is where discernment has to come in, I could be wasting my time.... but somehow, I'm not.... if you try it may be fruitless, what works for me may not work for you....

Actually all the books of Babylonian exile have a resonance about them right now.... I wonder why?

You could type in 1 and 150 and do the same with the Psalms..... this could be 30 mins well spent in a random kind of way. 

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