Sunday, 14 December 2014

the violent bear it away....

There was a small female pheasant left over from last week's shoot, neither the beaters or the shooters wanted it.  So it has been hanging in my shed for a week and today was the day when I came to skin and gut the bird for my Sunday lunch.  As feathers fly everywhere, I did this outside, watched from a distance by a lazy red kite.  I felt like shouting at it, "go kill something yourself, you lazy bird, this is my dinner and you are not having it".

I've done this many times before, I do think it is important that if I eat meat, I should know how to prepare it from its original state.  It is not a weekly thing, Wessex is not without a decent butcher or two, but worth doing for many reasons...... but I'm no ace with the knife.

It was as I was ripping the wings from the carcass that a thought came to me that I'd like to share with you.  It concerns that mysterious and multilayered saying of Our Lord's regarding St John the Baptist.

And from the days if John the Baptist until now, the kingdom of heaven suffereth violence and the violent bear it away.  Matt 11:12

There I was dislocating the exquisite, precision engineering and soft, sublime, beauty of a pheasant's wing from its body, and it didn't feel great.  I was doing violence to God's creation.  But yet, there was no sin in it.  No act of cruelty had taken place, the bird had been well shot and downed instantly, not maimed by an overenthusiastic badly trained hunting dog.  God gives us stewardship over His creation, we are entitled to kill, butcher and eat what He provides. 

The violence in the act was violence devoid of sinful intent.  It was the violence of a mortal being who wanted food and had a legitimate right to that food.

How much more beautiful and perfect is heaven than that pheasant's wing?  How violent, ugly, grasping, needy and selfish are even the best of our prayers that we storm heaven with, compared with the music and prayers of angels and saints.  We are rough, violent, arrogant and needy in all that we do, yet the angels and saints make no complaint and bring our petitions before God.

How dreadful, uncouth and unholy are even the most reverently said Masses compared to the eternal liturgy of heaven?  Yet our pathetic representation and offerings are taken heavenward by God's angels and He permits His Son to become truly present in the Bread and Wine at the command of His unworthy priest.

We are doing violence to the perfection of Heaven, and God desires that we do.  He has come to us, He dwells with us, He loves us in all our pathetic, clumsy, irreverent, stinking humanity.

He gave me the astonishing beauty of a dead pheasant for me to fill my belly with, and there was simply no need for it to be so beautiful, (unless He wanted me to contemplate heaven).... and therein lies a great mystery.

Chardin- Still-life with pheasant

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Robert said...

I am very affected by this meditation, especially the line: "there was simply no need for it to be so beautiful." What love! How immense is God's love for us! Thanks yet again for posting food for thought. Robert