Wednesday, 25 June 2014

we're all doomed!... yay!

Few things get me as wound up as when someone belittles the "medieval mind" as being somehow primitive.  It happened recently at school and it set me thinking.

It was the school debating competition and one of the motions was "This house believes we are all doomed".  The proposition was weak and the opposition very strong.  The gist of the opposition's argument was as follows:

  • doom is an outdated concept, just look at all those medieval doom paintings; heaven and hell and all that.
  • eternal punishment was just there to scare people
  • we have a chance to make the world a better place
  • whilst we have hope in the future and we have hope in humanity we are not doomed 
They won.

But there was me thinking, my dear if your were a Catholic, you'd be a heretic.  I also thought that the argument seems so plausible, how to fight it as a Catholic?  #weredoomedgetoverit  perhaps?

Had I been a pupil and been able to attack the opposition, my argument may have gone something like this:

  • We're doomed: nature dooms us through decay, death and destruction
  • as individuals we die, 
  • the planet won't go on forever, it could be hit by a very large asteroid, the greenhouse effect could go out of control, there could be a devastating ice age, super volcanoes could erupt
  • in 6.5 billion years sun will be a white dwarf and incapable of providing enough energy to sustain life anywhere in the solar system, sounds like doom to me
  • if we make it that far, we'd have to have survived the collision of our galaxy, the Milky Way with Andromeda in 4 billion years time and the unknown effects that would have on our existence.
  • We're doomed: history dooms us.  We can not make the world a better place.  Each age has its own evils.  One evil is defeated and several more spring up in its place.
  • We're doomed; religion dooms us.  BUT the doom that you decry so much as shown in those medieval doom paintings, that stark choice is IS OUR ONLY HOPE. Nature offers no hope, humanity's hope is empty if not seen in the wider context of the Creator who sustains us.
  • We're doomed either to Hell: you send yourself there though your lack of desire to be transformed by love, through the vanity of your self-protection at all costs,  through selfishness, pride and the ugliness of your hatred and intolerance.
  • Or Heaven: allow yourself to be transformed by love, see where Love takes you, follow Christ and He will show you...
  • You see, doom is hope.  Live in that hope because of the doom.  We are all doomed, get over it!
Yes, I fear the 4 last things desperately need some "rebranding"or the message of our faith will be lost in a sea of righteous humanism.  My effort is paltry, but I think it is something we should all be working on....

Over to you....

The Doom window at St Mary's Fairford- Gloucestershire

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