Monday, 2 June 2014

wake up, smell the incense!

Dear friends of a traditionalist persuasion,

Have we forgotten that rallying cry? Have we forgotten the joy that the rediscovery of our lost heritage and tradition has brought us?  What is wrong with us?  Is our faith that shallow that we really think it is under threat?  If so, then we are a disgrace to all we hold dear, we should be filled with joy, and we should be letting the world see our joy.  More specifically we should let the Holy Father see our joy,
  • bombard  the Holy Father with pictures of smiling youth on the Chartres pilgrimage and invite him next year
  • write to him saying how happy you are since you found the faith and live orthodox lives supported by the solid church doctrine and how happy you are that you can go to the EF Mass (this is especially important if you are under 40)
  • if you can, and you have the evidence, write to him saying how the FFI have brought you such joy in Christ through your contact with them and give examples.
  • show him the fruits of your faith in your happy children and the charitable work you do
And whilst I'm a little uncomfortable at my equating of joy with happiness, being miserable and kvetching and thinking you are persecuted and being unhappy about it, are not part of the faith.  If you think you are being persecuted from within the church, show some joy and be charitable to your persecutor.

Cheerfulness is so important, for starters the devil can't stand it, and there is no better reason than that to be cheerful, as he's always on the prowl.  Let us show the world that we can "out happy" the pope, or at least match him.  Being cheerful is appealing, it is good and it is also a very wise thing to be.

St Philip, pray for us.

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