Monday, 5 May 2014

oculos habent et non videbunt

It is so easy to see the faults in others, especially when they err in matters of orthodoxy.  It is so easy to get annoyed when such souls seem to have the official backing of the Church. Perhaps they are writing in Catholic newspapers, perhaps they are not receiving censure for things that sound like heresy, perhaps they are living openly scandalous lives, perhaps they have made very public statements or contributed towards policies that contravene Church teaching.... and yet the Church does nothing.  We get frustrated, we want the Church to change, we want the Church to be like our vision of the Church that we had and fleetingly enjoyed with other like-minded souls.  We had seen how the Church should be, we are the keepers of what is right, our little vision is the correct one.

And so we build ourselves a little self-help community of online criticism and even vitriol against people who can't defend themselves.  We analyse the writings of others to death showing how wrong they are and how clever we are.  We get all nostalgic over our little vision.  We feed each other with horror stories about how terrible others are who don't share our vision: how they dishonour God, how they hurt the Church. We then start thinking perhaps the nutters may be onto something and the end-times are just around the corner.

We should be VERY uncomfortable about all of this.  It is we who have forgotten God.  Like the polyester clad, Kung-loving visionary from the 1970s the Old Rite loving visionary of a few years back has made a god out of their version of the Church.  The former has made a god out of "a changing Church", the latter has made a god out of "orthodoxy". 

Idols need feeding to exist.
Idols demand allegiance.
Idols are jealous of rivals.
Idolatry dries up the heart.
Idolatry drives out charity.
Idolatry makes you as blind as the idol you worship.

Orthodoxy isn't the end of everything, Christ IS. God doesn't need us to be little warriors of orthodoxy.  He wants us to be soldiers for Christ.  We skimp not on matters on doctrine and dogma.  We remain 100% loyal to Church teaching, the orthodoxy ought to be tattooed onto our hearts.  It is our weapon.

But if your orthodoxy comes from and through Christ, be prepared to suffer. Be prepared to be ridiculed.  Be prepared to lose your friends.  Be prepared to be alone (in Christ).  Be prepared to be vulnerable.  Be gentle. Be patient. Love the idolaters. Weep and mourn.  And if your orthodoxy does come from God and is not an idol of your own making, you will be able to do all of this with joy, and what that is no man can tell.

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Catpuss said...

I love this post and have read it several times over recent weeks because it nourishes me in a way that is hard to find. I admit it's a bit cowardly not to post comments using my real name but the tone of some of the comments on Catholic blogs is offputting. This post summed up the essence of the trad blog world so beautifully. I hope you can keep writing and that I can say this as appreciative encouragement devoid of pressure. Wishing you strength and peace.

Rita said...

Thank you!