Saturday, 22 March 2014

calling a spade a spade...

A deacon is a servant of the priests and bishop to whom he is directly responsible.  He can baptise, he can witness marriages, he can officiate at funerals and burials.  He is to be a man of prayer and has the same obligations to pray the Divine Office that a priest has.  Deacons are there to support the faithful in charity and the fruits of the Holy Spirit must be manifest in their person and their actions.

Deacons are alowed to be exuberant and passionate about their faith.  Deacons ought to be committed to orthodoxy and uphold Catholic teaching at all times.  Deacons are at their best when they are men of the world, yet apart from the world, conscious of all its failings yet firm in their faith.  Deacons ought to proclaim the faith as revealed through holy scripture.  They must offer a message of hope and speak only about God's salvation in the name of Jesus Christ.  They must be resolute and steadfast in their proclamation of the truth, like Stephen and Philip. They will win souls.  They will help Holy Mother Church win the souls of those who dissent within her borders if they let God help them.

A deacon is not some modern day Papal Zouave armed with a blog.  ACTA are not the Risorgimento.

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