Saturday, 22 February 2014

Saturday things

It is Saturday.  I don't know about you , dear reader, but for me Saturdays need handling with especial care.  If I am not careful Saturday night can be a shocker, as if something is out to ruin the Lord's day that follows.  Saturday can be too worldly.  Saturday can be like a faint glimmer of Holy Saturday, an empty and mischievous day, seductively "normal" and unspiritual. 

However, never forget it is Our Lady's day.  It is almost as if she held the fort whilst Our Lord was harrowing Hell on that first Holy Saturday. And she continues to hold the fort when trips have to be made to the supermarket, bathrooms need cleaning, I get preoccupied with the football, the car needs cleaning, the blather on the radio becomes so tiresome.....

Being without Original Sin, didn't mean her life was an easy one.  The flight into Egypt and the losing of the Child Jesus for three days attest to that.  That superabundance of grace meant that a superabundance of heroic virtue was expected of her.  Heroic virtue that would lead her to Calvary.  Heroic virtue that meant she could stand at the foot of the cross and not faint away. Heroic virtue that allowed her to endure her separation from her Son after the Ascension.  Heroic virtue in her care for all humanity.

I've been meditating on how her life with Jesus and Joseph in Nazareth would have strengthened her and enlarged and magnified her already Immaculate Heart.  What tiresome irritations came her way?  How did she respond to the petty things in life that she was probably subjected to?

Was she ever short changed in the market?
Did traders ever fleece her with shoddy products?
Did people lie to her?
Did other mothers say derogatory things about "her Boy"?
Did people gossip about her and Joseph?
Was there a particularly odious tax collector in Nazareth?
Was there an inexplicable and unmovable musty damp patch on the wall of Joseph's workshop?
Did they live next door to a wretched foul mouthed and obnoxious drunk?

V. Dignare me laudare te, Virgo sacrata.
R. Da mihi virtutem contra hostes tuos.

V. Let me praise the, most holy Virgin.
R.  Give me strength against thine enemies.

Oh yes, she had enemies.  The enemies of the Immaculate Heart are our enemies too.  We have our own enemies aswell, ones that we allow to walk all over us if we don't admit to our own concupiscence.  However, it is her enemies that are the most subtle and we would do well to look out for them and imitate her response to them.

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Great post Rita, thank you.