Saturday, 4 January 2014

I come back from retreat to find....

 I am extremely pleased Jackie is back blogging again, here, with all her warmth and sincerity (increaslingly rare things out there in blogworld). I am also touched that she has handed out an award to me.  I put in on display here:

Anyway, 10 things about me as that is part of the bargain:

  1. I really have no earthly ambition
  2. I have no work ethic
  3. By the grace of God, I remain just well enough to hold down a full time job and do it without embarrasing myself with incompetency.
  4. I live in a converted cow shed in the middle of nowhere in which I clean albs and altar cloths and mend cassocks to keep me sane.
  5. My current favourite on the old sound system is Jean Philippe Rameau; never did a man write such happy music (unless it was Haydn.. of course).
  6. My current favourite food is S Indian: Dosas, Idli..... yummmm
  7. I am currently being cared for by a wombat called Cyril, he has a full time job keeping my larder stocked and cleaning up around me and reminding me when I need to things. This is a picture of him with me when he first arrived at the cow shed.
    8. Ollie bear doesn't like Cyril, but Ollie is far too busy to help me and he recognises my need for a  wombat about the house.

     9. Spiritual sustainance these days comes from the Psalms, the Monastic Dirunal and the writings of Gerald Vann OP and Blessed Elizabeth of the Trinity.

    10. Disinterested love, life is all about disinterested love; let it change your life...

Consider yourself similarly awarded dear reader, if you so wish.  I don't know of 10 bloggies to pass on the award to who haven't had it already.

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