Monday, 23 December 2013

When the Son of Man cometh....

... shall He find faith on earth?

"The crisis in the church today is one of faith.  So few believe any more"... so said a priest friend recently (quoting another priest), and it is a sentiment that I happen to agree with.  Here are a few examples I'd like to share with you:

I've just returned from the dreary but affluent suburbs of Manchester.  I went to the weekday Mass at the nearest Catholic church.  The church is well ordered and very well attended.  It looks like a healthy parish.  After the weekday Mass, the priest put out the monstrance for Exposition, this was done with no ceremony, but there He was on the altar after Mass for all to contemplate.  However, ladies started busying themselves in the sanctuary, cleaning up round Him, doing things that could have waited or which could have been done before the Blessed Sacrament was exposed.  In the pews, the "watchers" were in deep chat about family members loud enough for me to hear everything.  They were happy, they were comfortable and I wanted to slap them and scream  "HE'S HERE, LET HIM INTO YOUR WRETCHED LITTLE LIVES WHY DON'T YOU".

I didn't and instead uttered a nearly audible kyrie eleison and left them to it.

Whose lack of faith, mine or theirs?

What is up with all these traditional minded Catholic blogs?  The invective against the Holy Father.  The doom and gloom about snippets of news from Rome.  There is no faith there.  There is seemingly no belief in the Real Presence; that the Blessed Trinity IS at work, that God IS the Eternal Present, that satan has been conquered and that the Church IS the bride of Christ.  They are behaving like the mouthpiece of the opposition.  They are living in a narrow, materialistic, unsanctified, trite little world that all that beautiful liturgy they do so much to promote is supposed to transcend. And indeed it is horrific that they are not in a better state spiritually after their exposure to it. They have forgotten holy scripture and they have forgotten how to love.  Again I want to slap them and scream "HE'S HERE, LET HIM INTO YOUR WRETCHED LITTLE LIVES WHY DON'T YOU".

Instead I utter a quick chorus of  Christus vincit, and decide in my heart that they are heading for Hell and I don't care.

Whose lack of faith, mine or theirs?

I need to sit somewhere quiet this Christmas. I need to stop thinking. I need to indulge in nothing more than a bit of spiritual senility and just smile at the Word made flesh. 

He's here, I need to let him into my wretched little life.

The Christ Child- Zurbaran

A HAPPY and HOLY CHRISTMAS to you all.

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Hi Rita I just nominated you for a sunshine award!