Saturday, 22 June 2013

Citric Acid

The world is now officially crazy.  I have just been down to my nearest town (a goodly drive away) to try to buy some citric acid.  It is stuff found in lemons.  It would be an irritant if you stuck the powder in your eye. It is a mild acid but quite frankly most products for cleaning your home would do you far more damage.  Citric acid can be used by cooks and I wished to purchase it to clean my shower head which is filling up with limescale.  Oh, the innocent pleasures of the weekend!

A chemist shop, belonging to a chain which shall remain nameless, said they were no longer allowed to sell it and gave me a very dirty look.  So I ambled over to another chemist who was quite happy to sell it to me.  However I threw him a curved ball and said that the other chemist was not stocking it anymore, probably to take the moral high ground with the heroin addicts.  He chuckled and said that I didn't look like a heroin addict.  But the truth was out.  This is about the fact that citric acid is used to cut heroin, and that is why shops are wary of selling it.

Hold on, think I.  Citric acid is relatively cheap, and it is safe, very much safer than other things heroin addicts may be forced to cut their smack with.  Neat heroin can kill.  Why can't an addict make a choice to try to stay as healthy as possible and manage his habit accordingly?  Indeed, I've known professionals who are addicted to the stuff and had no desire to come off it. Not all heroin addicts look like they've just come off  the set of Trainspotting. Obviously, dear reader, I'm not endorsing it as a lifestyle choice, I must make that clear.

This seems to be part of the culture of control and I am very uneasy about it: don't make it easy for the addict to use his heroin safely, make sure he is registered and then get him on the Methadone.  Now Methadone is simply state zombification.  It is a horrid horrid drug, it destroys souls much more effectively than the natural opiates.

Further to this, isn't a heroin addict allowed to make jam or clean their shower head?

Lunacy.  Lunacy.

But then again, the Moon is tugging a bit more than usual tonight.

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Robert said...

I think we are in agreement about this. This brings to mind the legal requirements imposed on us to use seat belts, to wear bike helmets, etc, etc.

The thing is, we will continue to make our choices. Many of us will risk the penalties of law just as we risk physical injury, by not using seat belts, not wearing helmets, or our physical health by cutting our heroin with something less safe than the citric acid now more difficult to obtain.

People aren't going to stop doing certain things just because the nanny state makes a law against them. Prohibition in the USA is a perfect example.

Education, information might be the better way, though even there, so much of our information is tainted with special interest and politics. Witness the great increase in obesity and diabetes since the government got involved in dietary propaganda.