Thursday, 30 May 2013

The Eucharist and the Word

Mass is always a battle; a spiritual battle to concentrate, to be worthy to receive, to make sure that one's wandering thoughts, though a sign of our frailty are not actually a sign of our sinfulness.  It is a battle we always lose, that is why we say Domine, non sum dignus.  It is a battle we can't win.  Christ's is the fight, Christ's is the victory.  We are just asked to be there and love Him and submit to Him, such that even our inadequacy glorifies Him. I personally rarely feel any spiritual blessing in attending Mass, it is even physically hard work just being there, I can feel the strength leave my body and can get quite ill.  But this isn't about feelings.  Love is an act of the will.

However, in receiving the Eucharist, we know something is happening even when we can't feel it.  We know that it really is our only food.

Receiving the Word through Sacred Scripture is somehow different, well it is for me.  It has an instant effect of revitalising my physical being and my intellect.  It is like I am in  a dream until I find the Word in Scripture, then I feel alive and real.  None of this would be possible without "worthy" reception of the Sacraments, I know that.

I attend a scripture group at a Catholic church and I really "need" to be there.  It strengthens me.  It helps me live, I feel so much better for going.  BUT, oh dear, it is so very hard to not be distracted by the other people there.  People who love the sound of their own voice.  People with ignorant or even heretical views that are painful to listen to and who it is so difficult to bring round to the truth. It becomes so very nearly an occasion for the sin of pride to run rampant.

Basically we are all just like pigs in the trough.  Some fat pig (just like yourself) muscles in and prevents you troughing so that they can.  We all have a hunger, yet we can't all satisfy it at the same time or in the same way.  We become jealous of our relationship with the trough and want to guard our patch, rather than realising that the food will never run out, is given to all gratuitously provided we desire it.

Ah, Catholicism would be so much easier without other Catholics getting in the way.....


Robert said...

Very strong words! Much hyperbole, I suspect.

I do have to say, I have noticed this tendency in people, to often need to compete in some fashion, with others, showing off what they know, trying to show what others don't know, putting down, challenging.

For the most part, the need to lessen others is a fault I can resist, but I have many others. I am certain I, in my own way, am one of those fat pigs, muscling someone else out of the way, keeping him/them from getting the food.

I think we have to, each of us, look at ourselves to discern how we might be one of those fat pigs!

What an image!

la mamma said...

Thanks for this beautiful post, Rita. I love that insight that we always lose the battle because it is Christ's fight, His victory.

Isn't it ironic that we shove in our penny's worth to show how much we know/ how right we are / how holy we are / whatever, to make us look good, when in reality, pride is SO UGLY and it is humility that is SO BEAUTIFUL.

Rita said...

la mamma,
it is REALLY good to hear from you!!!

God Bless.

God is so good to us that He even gives us the opportunity to show off our love for Him in such a way that we don't end up like greedy pigs; hence tomorrow's universal Eucharastic Adoration. How wonderful!