Thursday, 11 April 2013


I'm way out of my depth here.  But in doing the Mgr Ratti memorial train ride from Manchester to Oxford yesterday (and making sure I didn't twist my ankle), I was struck by a quote of his made during his pontificate:
No one can be at the same time a sincere Catholic and a true Socialist...the parent of this cultural Socialism [the insinuating and indeed plausible forms of Socialism] is Liberalism, and that its offspring will be Bolshevism.

I'm just wondering how much truth there is in this.  Indeed if it is true, then we are living under Bolshevism, we are certainly post-Socialist.  If we define Bolshevism as a "dictatorship of the proletariat", then I do believe we are living in under Bolshevism and the slide away from a Common Good is gaining momentum.
  1. We are a majority proletariat; we either definitely own no property or we "own" a whacking great mortgage as a pretence to home ownership. Few of us have any ownership over the means of production.  And so many of us work for the State which claims to be running our health service and education system and social structures for our benefit. The old divisions between wage and salary are eroding in light of the bonus culture and performance related pay for what were typically salaried "professions" like teaching and medicine. 
  2. Professionalism has been eroded.  Everything is done to government set criteria.  The government knows best how to treat illness, what to teach our children, how to stop the spread of bovine name it, they know best, because they are working for us.
  3. Governments are repeatedly fond of appealing to the "majority" opinion of the proletariat.  They are not driven by any other ideology than to remain in power by pretending to give the people what they want.  "Public opinion" (basically who shouts loudest in the media) is deemed a worthy argument winner.
  4. Meanwhile the proletariat, if they are employed, find increasing job insecurity, and work is often incessantly hard and time consuming and increasingly meaningless.
  5. There is no moral code, no ethics, no appeal to tradition or history, no sense of our Christian heritage and if you are not a moral relativist, you are intolerant and a bigot.
  6. Our society is anti-learning for learning's sake, anti any view that we have a higher calling to holiness, anti-God, anti-beauty, anti-paternal, anti-maternal, anti-rest and relaxation.  Our society is shallow and emotive, and obsessed with image, immediate gratification and material gain.
  7. There is an overall poverty of experience in society, indeed small scale social order which should be the bedrock of any civilisation via the family and small local communities working within their natural environment is seriously emasculated.
  8. Vast amounts of data are stored about us over which we have no control.  Increasingly our civil liberties are being eroded in the name of combating terrorism and fighting for our liberty.
  9. Technology is deskilling us and indeed few of us would survive if the infrastructures built up  by the state vanished overnight.
  10. The state would be happiest if we never thought for ourselves, if our views never came down to strict moral absolutes, if we believed in their notions of democracy, freedom and fairness.  The state has constructed the new proletariat and a new amoral proletarian cultural hegemony is in full swing.
Bolshevism by defintion makes no appeal to a Higher Authority; the teaching of the Gospel, the Sovereignty of Christ, no appeal to the sanctity of our lives.  Yes, I do believe modern society is decidedly Bolshevik with attendant Liberal grandparent. No leader, alive or recently dead has got to the heart of the rot around us which is surely Liberalism.

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Robert said...

Rita, I think you are so right. I don't know much about political theory and that sort of thing, but your list rings quite true.

As an aside, having nothing to do with your article, but to do with your patroness, St. Rita: last night, my 12 year old son was watching a movie about St. Rita all by himself when I got home. I watched a little with him. But this was because he has had his computer privileges suspended due to abuse of those privileges. Quite a good benefit, I think. St. Rita, pray for him.

God bless you, Rita.