Thursday, 24 January 2013

Generation Gap

Student Union debates 50 years ago and now:

Cambridge University, November 1963
That till death us do part is ridiculous
Defeated by 263 votes to 209

University of Keele, Autumn 1963
This house believes that private morality is irrelevant to public responsibility
Defeated by 104 votes to 82, with 11 abstentions

London University, January 1964
That this house rejects the traditional Christian conception of sex
Defeated by 282 votes to 189 with 81 abstentions

Cambridge University, February 1964
That fornication is more harm to society than smoking
Carried by 201 votes to 163

Northampton College of Advanced Technology, February 1964
That this house believes that marriage in its present form is out of date
Defeated by 82 votes to 60 with 24 abstentions
[source:The Cult of Softness, Lunn & Lean, Blandford Press (1965)]


Oxford University, January 2013
This house would be glad to have gay parents
Carried by 345 votes to 21

Evidence of an increasing herd mentality?
Evidence of a decrease in intelligence?
Evidence of a decrease in the standard of debating?
Evidence that the end is nigh?

Not evidence of anything, but thought provoking nonetheless.......

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