Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Faith and Love

The Muslim Demographics video that was shown recently to the Synod of Bishops has really got me annoyed. I have embedded it at the end of this post for reference.

Whilst the video was shown to create some debate,it is to me deeply disturbing that something so lacking in intellectual rigour and so deeply sensationalist is being shown in all seriousness to a synod of Bishops. We ought not to look for things that make us fearful, indeed we ought to not be afraid; that is the essence of our Faith. The question we should be asking is, why is the Catholic population declining in the West and what can we do about it?

May I suggest that this is actually a far deeper matter at the root of our Faith than a discussion about the use of Contraception and the issue of abortion. To me the issue is as old as the Fall. The growing understanding of the inter-relationship between Man and Woman in our life of Grace and ability to communicate with the Divine, was rudely interrupted by the serpent. Pride took over our beings and the sexes have been unable to see each other clearly since then. Man blames Woman, Woman desires stuff but gets confused over what she actually is desiring, there is fear, there is agression, there is confusion, there is passion, there are beautiful, powerful, passionate, loving relationships between members of the same sex and there IS still in all of this the genuine, transforming, sanctifying Love between a Man and a Woman.

 Christ suffered for us to redeem us. It is only through His love that we can transform our own and make this genuine love more solid and lasting.  And until we actually put Christ back into the centre of our relationships with each other, that genuine love will not exist such that marriage will be fruitful as God intends it to be.  Anyone can make babies, love isn't needed to make lots of babies.  A lack of holiness can still produce very large and loveless families, just as much as it can produce an average 1.9 children per marriage and a catastrophic demographic.

We really ought to be concentrating on our Faith and how it makes men and women more what they ought to be for each other.

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