Monday, 23 July 2012


Well, today I'm just sat here waiting for the hospital to ring to say whether I have a bed or not.  This may take some time.  If I don't get a bed this week, I fear I wont get one for some time due to the wretched Olympics and all those extra visitors to London and this warm weather causing people to pass-out in surprise and bewilderment. To add some "colour" to the proceedings we have septic tank issues at this end of the village and guess whose house is starting to smell.  All cleanish waste water is having to be carried out to the storm drain.

Still, not to worry, every dog has its day.

Sana me, Domine, et sanabor: salvum me fac, et salvus ero: quoniam laus mea tu es.
Jer: 17,14

UPDATE: Monday pm, I've been "rolled over" to tomorrow, so I've got to go through all this again, waiting and waiting.  It is really exhausting.

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Robert said...

What a system! You poor thing.