Monday, 9 July 2012

The Bear Returns

Greetings, blog fans!

I thought I'd give you some of the news from this quiet corner of Wessex, nothing of major importance. I'm finding thinking very difficult at the moment, so I'll blog instead...(it is what you humans do - disenagage brain and then post something in the public domian).

The village is very wet. I've not been out much recently to enjoy tea and cakes with the ladies. Being a bit low to the ground, even wellingtons won't save me from the puddles and long grass. I don't want a chill. I'm currently living off the memories of the Jubilee party in the village. It was a most excellent do with some excellent baking and cake decorating skills on show too.

The aged bear I share the sofa-bed with, the camera shy one that won't have anything to do with this blog, is depressed. It may be something to do with the weather,even a fly past from the Vulcan bomber on Saturday couldn't shake his mood. Maybe it is 40 odd years with Rita that is doing it, but I don't think so, she is in good spirits at the moment (though we aren't getting enough hugs). Depression doesn't need a reason, it just happens. Sadly, when you are in close proximity to it and are powerless to do anything about it, it can start to drag you down too. Then again, what do I know, he hasn't said he is depressed, he is just very quiet and out-of-sorts and sighs a lot. I want to shake him and tell him to snap out of it, but there is no point.

Whilst we are on the subject of the aged bear, he has a most intriguing peculiarity. Many years ago, one of his eye's fell out and Rita's mum, an opthalmologist, sewed it back on. Sadly, she sewed it in the wrong place, so whilst it is too tightly fixed to remove and re-do, it is most definitely not aligned with the other eye and makes him very wonky. What is strange is that this wonkyness is much more noticable in the mirror. So much so, that we daren't let him catch sight of his own refelction, it is just too bizarre and doesn't look anything like him. What is a lovable eccentricity face-to-face becomes a grotesque abnormailty in the mirror. I do wonder how many of us have a dysfunctional relationship with mirrors? They may flatter us, they may mock us, but they aren't us. Why do we keep seeking their approval? What you see in the mirror simply isn't you, it is a characature, a cruel one, partly of your own making.

Rita's kicked the local hospitals into touch and is currently being investigated in London. They seem very efficient and keen to help her. Next week sees yet another in-patient appointment and barrage of tests. The worst case scenario is pretty nasty, but let's hope it isn't that. She has faith and she's in good spirits, she's not deluding herself either. That God of hers is pretty awe inspiring.


Robert said...

Dear Ollie

Thank you for keeping up up-to-date. Please also tell Rita that she remains in our prayers.

Autumn said...

Praying here too xx

Ollie Bear said...

I'll pass on your good wishes. She's up to her neck in liturgical laundry at the moment, which means that shortly the house will be full of the smell fo spray-on starch...sigh.