Monday, 21 May 2012

St Rita - Advocate of the Hopeless

Guess whose feast day is looming?

Just a quick post because I get so many hits on her feast day and I just want those who arrive here searching for information on St Rita to know that I will pray for them before my patron.

She is a marvel.  I do like saints who didn't write much but whose saintliness shines out of the scant details of their lives that have been handed down to us and who are so generous in their support.  You cling to next to nothing and get so much back.  That is the essence of Faith!

I do know that the title I have given in this post for St Rita as Advocate of the Hopeless is not widely liked these days.  People start muttering that hopelessness is despair and that is a sin against the first commandment.  Basically, they are saying, you need to go to confession, not rely on the prayers of a saint.

The way I see it is that sometimes situations can appear hopeless.  When these occur, the very fact that you ask for the prayers of a saint mean that you are not guilty of the sin of despair.  You have the hope that your prayers will be answered.  Seemingly hopeless situations are usually the result of hopelessly inadequate people like you and me, making a hopeless mess of things and  being ignored by the world and those in it who could provide some respite from the hopelessness of it all.  You see it is not about a lack of hope but a realisation of our total inadequacy and stupidity and an understanding of our total reliance on God for anything good.  So ask for the intercession of this powerful saint when things are looking hopeless and go to confession too!  It always helps.

So I will continue to pray to St Rita - Advocate of the Hopeless, for myself and for all those who desire her intercession.

And St Philip's feast day on Saturday,and Our Lady throughout May, there are so many blessings to be had!  You only have to ask.....


Robert said...

Rita, I had a feeling you would do something like this. Thank you for the prayers, and Happy St. Rita's day! You are in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

Thank you St Rita for praying to God on my behalf during the past week as i patiently waited for my exam results, which i am pleased to say am i happy with. I am so grateful and so blessed.