Saturday, 17 December 2011

Thread bear

Ollie Bear here again..

We were woken this morning at , as I think you say “stupid o’clock”, by Rita making her way to the Rorate Mass at the Oratory. Now she’s got her head stuck in “The Catholic”, the quarterly newspaper from Papa Stronsay, and is unlikely to be blogging for a while. No, she’s not going to buy a mantilla anytime soon and she wont be joining the LMS, but as her diet gets simpler (we did find some cabbage, by the way) she seems to like more “twiddly bits” in her faith. You can tell she’s on holiday, she’s nearly cheery and she’s cleaned the car.

She informs us, and we are not pleased, that there is a new business venture out there, I will not mention the name because I do not wish to be the first blogging bear to have legal chappies after my fur. This business involves the selling of bears, a tasteless enterprise at the best of times. Bears find you, you don’t buy them, you pay a ransom and rescue them, when they want to be resuced. Anyway, this venture turns this fact on its head because it is purely commercial as the “customer” actually designs his/her own bear! Can you believe it? They pay to design a bear to their specification and put a “heart” in it! This is not good, the relationship between bear and bear-owner is corrupted. A bear freely gives himself to you, with all his defects, personality issues and wonky stitching and he will stick by you till you discard or forget about him. If he is designed by you, how can he freely have given himself to you. This designed bear is part of your ego and is not a free standing bag of stuffing and fluff in his own right.

Will these designed bears behave any differently? I do not know. Will their expectations be any different from ours? We do not know. We do know however that the bear’s end is a slow demise. Some are loved to bits over decades, some spend years in the loft in a toy box, some get sent to charity shops waiting to be rescued again. The majority will eventually end up in the hands of the salvage men at the tip; they give us our end. Some finish their days in a manic, all weather, teddy bears picnic at the side of the tip sitting on “rescued” plastic chairs. Others are strapped to the radiator grill of the bin wagons for a filthy, high speed final adventure. Others will be intimately examined on prime time television on the “Antiques Roadshow”, be auctioned and end up as prisoners in the glass cases of some bear fanaticists. Will a designed bear accept his fate, after all some of your ego as gone into its creation? It just doesn’t seem right to me to bring a bear into the world to satisfy your own whims.

Then again do we bears mind how you treat us? No, not really. We are just stuffing and fur after all. We are at your service and you do with us as you please. Our intellects are far superior to yours and we can out stare you any day, but we know our fate.


Scruffy Yot Yots said...

I am really enjoying your writing, Ollie ~ it's about time we bears had a voice...I may post some random thoughts myself.
Yours, Scruffy Yot-Yots :)

Ollie Bear said...

Thank you, my dear fellow,you're very kind. I do have to ask, however, did you choose your name or were you given it?