Sunday, 27 November 2011

Bearing up

Hello there,

Whilst Rita's taken her bat home, I bethought myself it may be a good idea to keep her blog alive with some occasional ramblings from the sofa bed.

I'm Ollie. I share the sofa bed in the study with a venerable and camera shy bear of some 40+ years from Wigan (Rita's favourite, they've been through thin and thin together). I myself was rescued from the cake counter of a cafe on the Yorkshire/Lancashire border some 10 years ago. Now we all live in deepest, dankest Wessex in the most astonishing wilderness. It has its advantages, this is AGA country and the good ladies around here make damn fine cakes. Rita doesn't share my passion for cakes, but then again she doesn't really know what I get up to whilst she's away.

The only musing I have for today is: what has happened to all the cabbages, there are none in the shops? Have the Chinese commandeered the whole UK crop or something? Not that I can find a decent cake recipe with cabbage in it, but it is the vegetable of choice chez Rita. The old girl is in need of comfort food, for her this is glutenous rice and cabbage. We like to keep her on her feet, earning money and keeping us in the manner to which we've become accustomed, but she's flagging a bit and I think some cabbage would help.


Anonymous said...

The cabbages appear to have turned into parsnips, at least in these parts. Now, I love a parsnip as much as the next middle aged woman, but not as a mono diet.

However life gets, I will stand by my view that it is way too short to stuff a squash.

I wish a good Advent to you dear bear and to Rita, should she share the sofa with you.

Ollie Bear said...

Thank you for your good wishes.

She does deign to sit on the sofa for a group hug with me and the other bear, every now and then. Not nearly enough, I might add.

Parsnips do not go down well here; too sweet, they spoil the flavour of everything else (apparently)....some people are fussy and as Rita's stomach has "made in China" stamped on it, only cabbage will do...sigh!