Sunday, 2 October 2011

thoughts at morning Mass (2)

At Mass this morning I was behind a woman who was really squirming and struggling when Father said the priesthood is only for men. Well, it is hardly groundbreaking stuff, and for many of us about as controversial as saying the Pope has a balcony. I do, however feel for those who have made allowing women into the priesthood, something of a cause. They are blinding themselves to the nature of Christ in His Church, it a sort of self-imposed spiritual mortification and it does the mortifier no end of harm.

A larger question remains as to what is the theological significance of women? The biological significance of men and women is not in question. The theological significance of men is not really in question either, theologically speaking it is men who are the barers of new life through the grace of God. Eve came from Adam's rib, the priest acts "in persona Christi" bringing us new life through the Sacraments, the new life of marriage is something that the husband brings to the wife....

I have no answer to the question I have posed.....

However I have had a phrase going round my head for sometime now "live your life as if it were all the defence of an unwritten thesis". Maybe silence is the answer, pondering things in our hearts, absorbing the complexities and simplicities of life and acting carefully and quietly, making as few ripples as possible. Just choose your thesies wisely, ladies.

One place that is not place for a woman (a pulpit in a Catholic Church)


Anonymous said...

I used to be pro-priestess, until something strange happened. I bought Lavinia Byrne's shockingly anhistorical book Women At The Altar, and I read it (not realising at the time how she had twisted history). At the back was the document against women priests by Pope JPII. I read that too.
I was taken aback by his claim that he had no authority to change church teaching on the priesthood.
Obviously the whole priestess thing is based on grabbing some of that power and authority for us women, so for the Pope to claim a limit to his authority was intriguing to me - and to cut a long story short, I am now back in the Fold, having learned a lot of history and the truth about the priesthood along the way.

Irim said...

Actually, I wonder if the parishioner was squirming at the megalomaniacal slant of that sermon: 'the priest is higher than the archangels,' and so on. As my orthodox Catholic friend said when I let her read it, 'Well, I hope he doesn't meet [St] Michael in a bad mood down a dark alley some day.'