Saturday, 22 October 2011


My computer glitches are driving me mad, any inspiration for a post is lost by the time I've fired up this ancient laptop, because EVERYTHING I try with the "fast" computer, so far has failed.

I've tried "system restore" but it wont accept any of the restore points. Therefore I think it is a virus.

I do a full virus scan, viruses detected and eliminated. Google still not loading.

I defrag the hard drive. Google still not playing.

I clean the registry. Google still not working.

I go to the command prompt (ah the nostalgia- I wrote my thesis from the DOS prompt- in the days before Windows) and "ipconfig/flushdns". Still google won't play.

I try going to "blogger" using a proxy server. I get to the website!! Hurray! I log in and then it times me out. Sigh!!!

'Tis a good job there's more to life than blogging.


Ttony said...

I mentioned to Left Footer recently that one can always rebuild, and we are in fact going to do this in the next week or so with my wife's laptop, but rebuilding is not for the fainthearted.

Rita said...

As Shaggy said to Scooby: Yikes!