Monday, 17 October 2011

blogging lite #2

My old laptop (11 years old) is still going strong but takes an age to boot up and gets a little anxious if there is too much Java stuff for it to process. Therefore I've been using the other computer in the house, and up until about 10 days ago, things were going well.

Now, on opening ANY browser, the computer will not go to anything related to blogger and is desperately slow on all google sites. It has nothing to do my firewall or the security settings when online, because the laptop is on the same settings. It may be a virus but a blinking strange one of it is...and bizarre that it has gone undetected by F-secure (they are usually very good).

This is an annoying problem that maybe related to a missive I sent blogger from that computer, complaining that they really had to sort out their problems for Firefox users (commenting on blogs being the most irritating issue). I explained I had no intention of "buying" into the whole "google experience", as they are getting far too big as it is; I would not be using "Chrome", "google+", "gmail" and out of choice I try not to use google as a search is strange that all my problems stem from after I sent that missive.

Therefore blogging is lite, whilst I summon up the enthusiasm to try to work out what is going wrong and do a system restore.

And no, I wont be moving to "Wordpress".

And, yes, I'm in a grumpy mood. I'm a rabid, foaming at the mouth Papist, incapable of compromise and stuff is happening out there I can't blog about but is driving me spare. Probably a good job gremlins have got into the computer, it will stop me from saying something I may regret.

Sent from a steam powered, 10kg, ancient laptop with a dodgy fan and not enough RAM.


Autumn said...

I recently did a PC clean up through AVG and my pc is working like a dream now. Perhaps you need Registry Mechanic or something similar?
Don't forget to take time to stop and breathe in between foaming at the mouth ;)
Take care, A xx

Rita said...


I'm still breathing and the latest nonsense that had me frothing at the mouth seems to have all been diffused now. It took a teenager to say "wow, that's really not very good" in a way only teenagers can, to make those concerned see the error of their ways.

As for the computer......