Sunday, 25 September 2011


Error bars notwithstanding, some of those neutrinos arrived at Gran Sasso before they should have done because the went via Rome; simples really.

Takling of bars; here is a bad neutrino joke doing the rounds.

Bartender, "We don't serve your type in here". A muon neutrino walks into a bar.

A momentum-space diagram AKA Feynmann diagram depicting an anti-muon neutrino (bottom right).


Anonymous said...

A frsutrated fellow HE mother said to me over this, "Why can't scientisits do something useful, like find a cure for nits for example?"
Must admit as I have been watching what can only be described as a debacle over CFS/Fibromyalgia research I concur.
And what is the matter with David Attenborough? Creastionism? It's hardly a major issue in the National Curriculum science is it?

Rita said...

I'm just trying to think if I can name one instance when science set out to be "useful". I can't!

Somehow, I'm never persuaded by arguments over utility. I suppose I see scientists as artists; stretching possibilities and journeying towards descriptions at the next decimal point.

Usefulness, i maybe a possible spinoff from this.

As for David Attenborough, is he a scientist? I thought he was just some guy who got lucky working in the early days of BBC2...I respectfully disrespect his views on religion and science.