Friday, 26 August 2011

Here we go again...

With apologies to the memory of Salford's finest, Al Read

Dad, dad, have you seen that dad...that priest over there, have you seen that priest over there. Dad I know you can see him, well he's wearing a polyseter chasubule,, are you listening, you don't like polyester chasubules do you dad, why don't you go and tell him dad? Do you want me to tell him? Dad do you want me to tell him....ooh and what about that lady over there, she's received Communion standing up and in the hand, you don't ike that do you dad, you don't like that do you? Dad, why don't you say something, it's disprsepctful intit dad, intit, intit? What aren't you listening, you could tell 'em where to go, couldn't you dad? You could tell 'em where to get off, I know you could. You've got that authorittitiy thing haven't you dad, that authorittity thing means you have power, dunt it dad, dunt it, dunt, dad you can tell em where to get off, I know you can. Dad, dad, why don't you do something....

Perhaps the Pope isn't a fan of Ultramontanism either.


Fr John Abberton said...

Al Read was one of my favourites. I did impersonations of him when I was at school. Well done.

Richard Collins said...

Ah but, Rita, good authority leads by example.

Rita said...


eggzaccerly the point I am making

Ttony said...


A: "How's your Grandad?"
B: "I'm afraid he died."
A: "I'm sorry. What happened?"
B: "Well Grandma covered his back with lard and he went downhill very quickly afterwards."

(Sorry to lower the tone.)