Sunday, 5 June 2011

Went to Mass today for the Feast of the Ascension, and glorious it was too, a beautiful and very different sermon from Thursday, based heavily of the Holy Father's latest book on Jesus of Nazareth. It is just a shame they don't extinguish the Paschal candle at the OF Mass for the Ascension like they do at the Tridentine, it is a gesture loaded with symbolism and hope.

Actually I was sat in a little bloggers corner of people who were at the EF on Thursday, but in my self imposed anonimity, they do not know I know who they are......

Lovely too was vespers for the Feast of the Ascension, from which I have recently returned. The vespers hymn has an outstanding final verse:

Tu, dux ad astra, et sémita,
Sis meta nostris córdibus,
Sis lacrimárum gáudium,
Sis dulce vitae praemium.

which translates very roughly as:

Our guide, our way to heavenly rest,
Be thou the aim of every breast;
Be thou the soother of our tears,
Our sweet reward above the spheres.

H/T David Forster for the full text.

Now that's something to have on your tombstone.


la mamma said...

Just popping in to say you are both still very much in my prayers.

Rita said...

as you are in mine

thank you!

Autumn said...

Thank you for that lovely Vespers hymn Rita, I shall take it to bed with me just now.
Thank you too for stooping down to speak comforting words to me on my blog, esp. at a time like this. It is so very much appreciated, and humbling. You are in my prayers every day.
Love, Autumn xx