Sunday, 26 June 2011

Bumble Bees and Tanquerey

A beautiful day for the feast of Corpus Christi. I haven't made it to any processions this year, a bit lonely without my husband's beautiful but loud singing voice at my side. Instead, I'll quote you a bit of Tanquerey because it seems appropriate:

One must not fail to thank God for the lights and the loving sentiments He has vouchsafed to us, to thank Him too for the very darkness and weariness of soul in which He has at times allowed us to remain. Even these are profitable to us unto humility, unto the acknowledgment of our unworthiness to receive divine favours; profitable, becuase they enable us to adhere more frequently by will to Him Who even in the midst of our aridity, pours into us in a hidden and mysterious manner His life and His virtues. We ask Him to communicate to our souls His action and His life. "O Jesus living in Mary, come and live in thy servants." We beg Him to accept and transform the little good within us :"Take Lord, and accept my liberty."

Actualy, the only distress I've seen today are the poor bumble bees that decided to nest in the compost bin. Not a good choice of residence in this heat, they are rather distressed and are fanning the entrance in a frenzy. I've taken the lid off the bin, but they're still not happy.

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