Sunday, 8 May 2011


My husband remains critical. One of his doctors seems to be getting impatient, it is useless to tell him supernatural battles are taking place too and that things will happen in their own time.

One of the things about having your other half in such a condition, is that I'm finding I need to be scrupulous about my own conduct. I was glad St Peter used that very word in the second reading today. I'm finding that if my own conduct is rigorous in terms of examination of conscience, charity and patience and all done out of love for the Lord, it leads to a welcome calmness. Although the demons of doubt still prowl and tease in the small hours, I have better armour and find it easier to call on the angels to help fend them off. I do so wonder if that sacramental union in the marriage has some real mysterious depths. Desiring closeness to Christ and love for husband can not be separated.

Keep us in your prayers, as I do you.

Having said that, patience and charity are being somewhat tested by elements in the Catholic blogger world. Suffice to say; I'm really pleased that some of you profess to love Jesus, I'm just glad you do it some place else, because if I met you I'd struggle not to give you a jolly good pasting. Beware of becoming too big for your own blog, beware of becoming Sadducees, your religion is unappealing.


Autumn said...

I am keeping you both in prayer, Rita, as always. Thank you for your comments on the mystery of the Sacrament of marriage.

As to Catholic blogs...honestly, I read so little, and keep my head down to the extent that whatever it is has passed me by. I only seek out those I feel close to, gentle folk like yourself who follow Christ in a spirit of humility.

May God bless and keep you both,
Autumn xx

Anagnostis said...

I'm very sorry to learn that you're still in the thick of it. A komboskini for you both this morning.

Anonymous said...

I truly believe that the Sacrament of marriage gives an astonishing amount of grace. Perhaps we tend not to notice in everyday life - but it is definately there when crisis hits; and thank God for that.
May the spiritual battle both of you are fighting so very hard be won.
I know our prayers will add a little to help :)

btw on the matter of Catholic bloggers; I stopped reading a lot of "high profile" blogs a while ago for the reasons you state. It is very sad, especially imho when priests behave that way.
Perhaps all of us who blog need to remember more prayer, less blog.
I often think the reason you blog so well is that there is a definate prayer life behind it.
God bless.

Rita said...

Thank you, all of you.

These are grace filled days.