Friday, 22 April 2011

Please say a prayer for my husband who finds himself in Intensive Care, sedated and being artificially ventilated after coming down (very rapidly- less than 20 hours) with pneumonia. He is not well, he already has COPD and fibrosis, the doctors are not cheery.

After leaving him at hospital last night, I went to watching at a nearby church, in fact, there were two in walking distance of each other so I watched in both.

Something new struck me last night. Normally when I go I just think of Our Lord's words Could you not watch one hour with me? and it seems right and fitting to make up somehow for what the Apostles failed to do, and as God stands outside time, Jesus can draw comfort from our prayers.

I always start watching by reading the seven penitential psalms. I don't know why I do this, a few years back it seemed like a good thing to do, so I try to keep doing it. Last night, it struck me that the sighs of the psalmist are our cries down the centuries; in our suffering and in our acknowledgment of how deep we have sunk in the quagmire of sin. That God so loved us as to provide the ransom for this state is overwhelming. We kneel before the Altar of Repose not just to do something that the Apostles failed to do, indeed our gesture must hurt the Lord sometimes when we casually forget him at other times; beneath our holiness lies many pratfalls. We keel before the Altar of Repose to respond to His love, receiving our chalice; it is our "fiat".

I got home to to a telephone call telling me just how bad my husband actually is.


Ttony said...

I usually manage five decades during the very long queues for the veneration of the Cross so he can have them, but I think he'd better share them with you.

I'll keep on for both of you for the next few days. We'll assume the need until you tell us otherwise.

God Bless!

Anagnostis said...

Praying very earnestly for you both.

Left-footer said...

Praying now, of course. God bless you all.

la mamma said...

I will storm heaven to the best of my ability for you both.

Joe said...

Of course.

mum6kids said...

Praying for you. I will offer tonight's pain for you. And I will offer tomorrow's for your husband.
God bless you and console you and give you the strength you will need.
And while He's at it - the same for your husband.