Thursday, 21 April 2011

For la Mamma...

For anyone laid low this Holy Week.

I have no real tips, I struggle with prayer, I'm struggling with the rosary (sometimes I can't remember the mysteries and often I find I can't recall my Aves and Paters)so all that is put to one side, sometimes it is best just to let go. I am finding silence really important; there is so much to hear in silence, but with the hot weather it is not easy to find unless it is very early in the morning.

Here are a few words from some far wiser than me:

Firstly from Fr Gabriel of St Mary Magdalen O.C.D

..if we turn to God, we shall never be disappointed; even if he does not alter our situation or take away our troubles, He will console our hearts interiorly, in secret and in silence, and will give us the strength to persevere...

If our life and all its events, even the most painful ones, did not rest in God's hands, we should have reason to fear; but since everything is always in His hands, our fears are groundless and we should not be dismayed.

Secondly from Bl M. Therese Soubiran.

I believe that all You do and permit is for my good and my salvation, and I abandon myself to Your guidance with love and trust and without anxiety, fear or calculation.

Both quotes are taken from Divine Intimacy.

Remember, prayers said in suffering are very powerful even when they come out all rubbish and confused....

You are in my prayers.


la mamma said...

Thank you, Rita. Your words, those words you have chosen, are already helpful and consoling. My suffering is not insignificant and it seems that my prayer at the moment is 'a bit rubbish' but you are right, of course about the efficacy of the prayers of one who suffers and this inspires me too. be assured of my prayers for you. God bless you. Xx.

Anonymous said...

La Mamma
I will add my prayers to your "rubbish" ones.
For chemo there is only one day at a time. Sometimes one hour at a time - so my friend tells me.