Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Wish list

Mrs P aka Autumn has been encouraging us to do a Christmas Wish List. Keeping it light hearted and steering away from wanting a full diagnosis and treatment for my increasingly weary frame, here is a list of delectable consumer products that would be well received in my clammy paws on a Christmas morn:

Firstly, a country girl needs a good pair of waterproof boots and these are beauties, then I’ll want good waxed jacket and hat to match……..

Secondly, some music. I’ve recently been converted to the luxuriant, flamboyant yet unsentimental conducting of Leopold Stokowski: is there a complete recording by him of Smetana’s Ma Vlast? If so, me want…..

I’ve recently discovered this website. Among the eyepopping must haves is this twin cylinder Stirling engine; what a beauty.

Oh and if your not bankrupt after that lot, how about some really juicy, thin skinned, proper tangerines (not your tasteless satsuma and clementine imposters).


Autumn said...

Thanks for doing this ~ I can see that your tastes are somewhat superior to mine! ;)
Have a very blessed Christmas, Rita.
Autumn xx

Robert said...

I love things like these. It has been all I can do to resist the urge to blow the rest of my checking account on some gyroscope or engine or steel yoyo!

Jackie Parkes MJ said...

I need those boots!