Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Picture this

Have I ever told you how much I dislike portrait photographs.

We get seduced into thinking we have a true image, an icon.

St Therese of Lisieux

Perhaps sometimes we do....

Most of the time we don't have an icon, yet we fail to see the distinction between an icon and the iconic.

Mrs Ashtiani

Myra Hindley

Our feelings and moral assessments are based on photographs; half truths, tricks of the light, fleeting expressions caught at random instances. The portrait photographer's art is a sham. Yet we make so many judgments based on the media images we are bombarded with. I mean to say; I've never heard the boy, but purely on image, this is so blinking ridiculous, false, Jimmy Osmond cheesy, there can't be any talent there, can there?

Justin Bieber

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Robert said...

I haven't heard him either, and I barely recognize the names of the two women, but whether or not he has any talent, whatever is there is blown out-of-proportion by the media. The real challenge of talent is sit before one's medium and do whatever one does in a real and intimate way, without special lighting or special effects or amplification, just "you" your talent and your "instrument" whatever it is.

I know I could have listened to Glenn Gould play the piano in his living room, and be moved by his interpretation of Bach, but a photograph: it would capture only a moment, a single silent note, a moment from a life, a single silent note from Bach, what are they? Meaningless.

But some would say the man had been captured!

At least a painting expresses something the artist sees in his subject, but still it IS only what the artist himself "sees." The subject still remains to be known.