Sunday, 21 November 2010

Latex latest

There is a natural, good, common sense that is inherent in all people. It will, I feel, mean nobody of sound mind would contradict the following statement; “Nobody ever masturbated their way into heaven”. People may disagree about the existence of or need for heaven but people are not going to disagree about how to get there (whether or not “there” has any real meaning for them).

Let me take this further. Surely the statement “fornication won’t get you into heaven” is unlikely to be contradicted by anyone, even the most ardent liberal.

Now there are some statements that may have supporters, these statements are less clear cut, but it should be clear however that they are both wrong:

“Wearing a condom will get you to heaven”
“Never using a condom will get you to heaven”

There is a statement that we can make about condoms that is true, and which we should never forget:

“Condoms can never be used in the context of real, divinely ordained, loving intercourse”

Personally, I wish we had the attitude of the Orthodox Jews to the sin of Onan. They are quite clear that the “spilling of seed” outside of a woman’s vagina (and not in direct contact with same) is always wrong. (Though it needs to be added that it is not always right either.) For them condoms are a near blasphemy.

This whole hoo haa in the press is an ideal time to engage with our non-Catholic brethren and our luke warm Catholic brethren, what an excellent opportunity for evangelisation!

Remember folks, we are all Catholic Voices, we don’t need to be Oxbridge educated and from the home counties to speak the Truth.

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