Monday, 25 October 2010


Our school librarian has informed me that the school inspectors do not like to see books in the school library that are over 5 years old, apparently the children have no interest in "old" books.

Well how about jolly well fostering an interest in old books, eh?!!!!

I'll leave it to Louis MacNeice to put this into words:

To Posterity

When books have all seized up like the books in graveyards
And reading and even speaking have been replaced
By other, less difficult, media, we wonder if you
Will find in flowers and fruit the same colour and taste
They held for us for whom they were framed in words,
And will your grass be green, your sky be blue,
Or will your birds be always wingless birds?


Mike Cliffson said...

May our enemies be blessed.
May inspectors be blessed.

That said, the only people I'm sure are born of women are our own children, I was there.For many others, some sort of secret government hatchery is the only logical explanation.

berenike said...

Yes! I heard that from a primary school teacher about nine years ago. That it's not recommended to have older books, and that she has noticed that it is true that they don't seem to mean anything to children. Except to one, who'd been interested in learning about What It Was Like In The War, and had had some kind of contact with older books from that interest.

Weird, innit?