Saturday, 30 October 2010

Scary old bat

To the girl in the supermarket all excited about her impending Halloween party, who said to her mum, “I love Halloween, its tonnes better than Christmas!”

Oh how I’d love to have done my scary old bat routine and said the following to you:

Let me tell you about those men and women who have gone to “die to the world”. They have given up all ambitions, career choices and material goods to spend each day and night praying for your soul. When you can’t sleep because you’ve been watching that film of your brothers that gives you nightmares. Or when you can’t sleep because of those nasty texts your “best friend” sent you. Or when you are just scared at what the world holds in store for you; your fear of failure, not living up to the expectations of your parents, and your ambiguity about the so called pleasures of this world. They are awake, praying for you, fighting for you and what lies buried deep within your heart.

Have your Halloween fun. I’m not here to stop that. Just stop and think about the promises of Halloween. What does it promise?

It promises a fun evening with some good fun planning what to wear and what to do and what to eat.

Anything else?

It promises the chance to let go and admit that there may be a supernatural element to this world.

Anything else?

It promises mischief and misrule and a few laughs.

Anything else?

It glories in the dark, in the scary, in the cold, in the secret and in the fearful.

Anything else?

No, not really.

That’s right, it is empty and it won’t sustain your life or provide you with lasting happiness or peace. It won’t help when the terrors of the night really do come calling. That is when you will have need of those friends you never knew you had, those praying for you here on earth and those praying for you in heaven. Without their help, there are only the promises of Halloween.

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Robert said...

Truer words were never spoken.