Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Not much to say today apart from the fact my latest trip to the consultants has left me with a black eye. My husband is mortified and keeps worrying people will think he did it.

The only other thing to add to this is that there is a very definite battle going on in this house with him who shall be given the least amount of publicity other that to acknowledge his deviousness, pettyness and small mindedness. To arm oneself against this foe the only recourse is the Eucharist, but in the dead of the night and in the stultifying bleakness of the early evening when we seem to be at our weakest, Blessed John Henry Newman is a powerful intercessor. Read his prayers and buy a book of his devotions and meditations if you don't believe me.

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Robert said...

Wow. I will renew my prayers for you.
he is devious and malicious.
I keep falling for his tricks.
He's like the "malware" of real life.