Monday, 2 August 2010


What follows is my own personal view of why Europe seems so sick and tired and why Islam is NOT the threat to the continent that some would have us think.

Europe is tired because Europe is bland. Every major town contains the same shops selling much the same food and the same clothes, and whilst there may be some regional differences, for instance as to the acceptability of male facial hair and manbags, the people have become bland. Europe, like a child’s experiment with chalk pastels, has smudged its boundaries so much, nothing is really identifiable. Into this mess creeps petty little tribalisms, trying to find identity, small factions with a point to prove. The many far-right groups throughout Europe demonstrate this aptly, though they are not the only tribes.

Europe is simply a region for banking, commerce and media outlets and as these all exist on a global scale, nothing can be said to be truly European.

The people of Europe have no ambition left. Colonialism is a dirty word and learning is global, Europe has nothing special to add. Art and culture are shallow and rootless and again nothing in these fields has a particularly European identity. Is the Wormtongue whispering poisonous nothings into the soul of Europe and sending it into a premature, paranoid and depressive old age some bastard child of Calvin or Zwingli: Protestantism with a lobotomy, Protestantism devoid of God? It is all work, efficiency, targets, business, wealth creation, protectionism and self-righteousness, nothing else matters. Europe has stopped believing in salvation and in the wake of this, gradually, comes the inability to comprehend the need for mystery, beauty, truth and love.

How can Islam be a threat to Europe? Firstly, Europe is doing a good job of destroying itself and secondly Islam is so divided against itself. Third or even fourth generation migrants from the Indian sub-continent have little in common with more recent Somali or Kurdish refugees. If they are all forced into the same corner, they will unite within the brotherhood and this is what is happening. It has very little to do with Islam and everything to do with identity. Because European culture sucks (the only rites of passage being getting drunk and getting screwed), young people will look else where for a more meaningful identity and radical Islam is just one of many possibilities, no more or less dangerous than fascism or trotskyism or nihilism. All will destroy souls if they take root. Indeed at the heart of radical Islam is a faith where mystery, meditation, beauty and any sense of the “unseen” has been amputated. It is simply incomprehensible to the vast majority of Moslems, who find it as bewildering and fearsome as the militant secularism engulfing Europe.

The Moslem population of Europe is not some other, check out the shopping trolleys of an ADSA in a town with a large Moselm population, the dress may be Pakistani but the trolley will contain the same ketchup, frozen pizza and oven chips as the overweight redneck queuing behind them. Look at their young, just as mad on football and as hooked to the next suckle from their iPaps as any of their contemporaries.

The problem facing Islam across the world is the growth of the assertion of power of the Wahhabis, their culture is imperialist and alien to the old tribal groupings, social orders and cultural traditions of most other Moslems. This may ultimately but indirectly be a threat to European Christianity, but it isn’t OUR enemy. Our only enemy is Sin, and we have to root that out of ourselves if Europe is going to survive.

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Anonymous said...

Rita- Boy, did you get it right. I agree with you completely.

It reminds me of what I used to argue years ago about intermarriage. There is something very beautiful about the uniqueness of various cultures: Ireland, Britain, France, Germany, Iroquois, etc, etc, that is gradually being lost through marital homogenization.

I think there was a certain wisdom in encouraging people to marry within their own ethnic and religious community. That doesn't hold much water in today's "politically correct" atmosphere.

But the European Union is homogenizing the various cultures much more quickly and much more thoroughly than intermarriage ever has. And this has also been the goal of the "melting pot" here in the USA.

As you say, we're just a market now, and the international corporations want to sell their product as quickly and as efficiently as possible, to as many consumers as possible. That goal is completely contrary to promotion of differences of cultures.

Eventually, the world will just be a big market with everyone (except a few rebels!) buying and using and eating and wearing the same things.